A speculative guide to super-intelligences

What follows is my personal and totally speculative attempt to draw up a classification of super (i.e. post human) intelligent agents. There is something paradoxical, almost empathetic, in an entity that tries to define beings that are intellectually superior to itself.The reason is clear: it is not possible, by definition. If we could define them …

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This experience is proudly Brought to you by Qualia™

Wikipedia define Qualia as “individual instances of subjective, conscious experience“. Someone says that Qualia (singular Quale) are “the experience of sense data“. Poorly said, Qualia is a word which philosophers and psychologists use to address the atomic constituents of subjective first-person conscious experience (ok, maybe not much “poorly said”). The point is this: when you …

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A Place Beyond Belief

Gamma-ray burst, bioengineering, nanotechnology, pandemics, rise of a powerful AGI, supervolcano eruptions, asteroid collision, phase transition of metastable vacuum state, total nuclearisation of the biosphere, ecological collapse. These are just some of the existential risks we are exposed to every second of our short life here on earth without even being aware of their terrifying …

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