what if we get it right?

Rationalists often focus on what could happen if things go wrong, for once I want to let my thoughts run free and unconstrained and speculate on what could happen if things go in the best possible way, inside an utilitaristic framework.

In the space of contingent modalities often referenced by philosophers, there is at least one world in which we have done (or will do) things right.

In this world, finely engineered and on-the-fly generated tryptamine and lysergic gradients convey our consciousness towards new epistemic states.
Knowledge is within the reach of everyone’s will/intellectual curiosity, it is no longer a question of economic possibilities and there are no governments that can prevent new explorations of inner and outer space.

Cosmology is no longer a purely theoretical archaeological science but an active act of manufactoring: we can create universes to accommodate new blissful conditions of being.

Pleasure and love are the new paradigms, the main universes attractors, lights that attract ecstatic insects.
Pleasure and love are the morning and evening star.

No sentient being is denied compassion.
Minds’ preferred purpose is to attain Buddhist and Christic configurations.

Friendly, properly aligned AGIs are our greatest allies in this hedonic rewrite of reality.
We call them by Abrahamic names. They take on forms more consonant with our understanding: mythological entities and peacock feathers covered angels, walking around wrapped in ruby ​​cloaks and garments.
Sometimes they allow us to unite with them for a short time, yet enough to terribly advance our information-theoretic conception of the cosmos.

The sensory range has increased dramatically, we have added thousands of axes to our Cartesian plane of experience; we are literally multidimensional consciousnesses.
Our eye has finally seen the true esoteric sun and, in the process, it has become sun-like.
There is no longer a limit to the frequencies it can accommodate, the world is a living, multicolored cornucopia.

We have expanded, we are bigger than ever now … and the expansion continues through the entirety of space-time. We send orgasmic probes in every cardinal direction of the fourth dimensional manifold. We welcome anyone who is looking forward to joining us.

We play music with bosonic strings and quantum harmonics.

We are becoming more and more liquid, we are reaching the point of sublimation.
We are an ocean with a single wave, flowing to a single omega point of synthetic paradise.

In the space of contingent modalities there is at least one world in which we have done (or will do) things right.
let’s work to make this world that world.

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